Anchor device with flexible line

The EASY METAL line is an anchor device with a flexible line applying to norms: Uni 11578:2015EN 795:2012CEN/TS 16415:2013.

It is made of a self-aligning anchor ring in 7075 aluminium alloy and a perforated base plate which comes in different steps, in order to allow installation on any kind of metal panel.

All devices produced and marked by Livith S.p.A. have undergone all the performance and durability tests required by the technical standards.
Livith S.p.A. operates as a company under a quality system, therefore it guarantees the quality of its products and manufacturing processes by affixing the appropriate marking and ISO 9001: 2018 certification.

Furthermore, all anchoring devices have a higher degree of corrosion resistance than that required by technical regulations.

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Product range


Cable made of STAINLESS STEEL / 49-wires / 7×7 diameter 8 mm .

Energy absorber system

The Livith energy absorber system helps straightens the cable and absorbs the energy in case of fall, with a response inferior than 9 kN

Fast grip

FAST GRIP is designed to substitute the 4 clamps of the rope for an easier installation.

Safety stop

Safety Stop is an accessory which blocks the sliding of the operator on the cable.

Tensioning indicator

The tensioning indicator is an accessory which helps the operator to pull and tighten the cable during first installation and inspection.


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