Anchor device with rigid line suitable for all types of ladder.

The VERTICAL line is an anchor device with a RIGID lifeline applying to norms: UNI EN 795:2012UNI 11578:2015

It is composed of a top, intermediate and end anchor device, to which a rope with integrated tightener is installed. The rope is followed up by the designated shuttle with automatic locking-system.

All devices produced and marked by Livith S.p.A. have undergone all the performance and durability tests required by the technical standards.
Livith S.p.A. operates as a company under a quality system, therefore it guarantees the quality of its products and manufacturing processes by affixing the appropriate marking and ISO 9001: 2018 certification.

Furthermore, all anchoring devices have a higher degree of corrosion resistance than that required by technical regulations.

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Product range


Cable made of STAINLESS STEEL / 49-wires / 7×7 diameter 8 mm .

Fast grip

FAST GRIP is designed to substitute the 4 clamps of the rope for an easier installation.

Twin Cross

Twin cross intermediate for vertical line

Twin Stop

Twin stop end anchor for vertical line


SMART Fixith