X RAIL line

Anchor device with rigid lifeline.

The X RAIL lifeline is an anchor device with RIGID line applying to norms: UNI EN 795:2012UNI 11578:2015

It is composed of an anodized rail which can be installed on any type of configuration (ceiling, wall, floor) and a shuttle fitted with polymeric bearings, which guarantee the maximum ease of movement during suspension work. The optional rails it comes with allows the device to bend and curve. Fixings are only necessary EVERY 3 METERS in fall arrest configuration.


Shuttle fitted with polished polymeric bearings


The rail is made of anodized aluminium and is installable on ceilings, walls and floors.

All devices produced and marked by Livith S.p.A. have undergone all the performance and durability tests required by the technical standards.
Livith S.p.A. operates as a company under a quality system, therefore it guarantees the quality of its products and manufacturing processes by affixing the appropriate marking and ISO 9001: 2018 certification.

Furthermore, all anchoring devices have a higher degree of corrosion resistance than that required by technical regulations.

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Product range

X RAIL diagonal fixing support

Diagonal fixing support
to be cut and drilled where needed for maximum
installation flexibility on
any type of metal roofing

X RAIL rail system

aluminium X-Rail rail system
anodized, can be installed under all

  • on ceiling
  • on wall
  • on ground


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